Monday 13 October 2014

Pete's cake

Not much to report on today from the field - had a Red-eyed Vireo at the Cape Verde Farm late this afternoon. The plane arrived safely this morning but soon after things got pretty windy and it's been worsening ever since - currently raining quite heavily. Let's hope birds will follow in the next few days.

In the meantime, Peter arrived and so a little party was thrown at the Comodoro (thanks Kathy) to celebrate his tenth autumn on the island. It's been said before but both birders and many islanders alike are indebted to Pete for finally realising the island's potential back in autumn 2005 and starting off what has become the highlight of many annual birding calendars. Cheers Pete.

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  1. His original article, despite the last decades' megas, is still a hairs-on-the-neck-raising read.

    I might make it one day when i feel competent enuff!

    Laurie -