Thursday 6 October 2011

Azores: Day 5

The weather changed overnight, but the wind didn't! More southeasterlies flowing over The Rock today, with no new birds to show. I spent the morning walking around Cantinho (spent 4 1/2 hours in there today!) and saw absolutely zilch. Pierre had a similar situation at Pico, and most of the others either did da Ponte for a bit or just stayed around the village. It was very foggy:

The Blue-winged Warbler is still here today, and I enjoyed more brief views of this little stunner - it seems alot more mobile than it did on Monday although is not too difficult to locate thanks to it's call. Afterwards, I headed back down to the village where a seawatch off the windmills produced perhaps 150 or more Great Shearwaters, with similar numbers of Cory's and a couple of Common Terns:

Olof picked up the juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron down on the rocks, so I walked round and took a few photos:

The most exciting sighting of the day however, was this very large container ship off the west of Corvo and heading south past Flores:

Perhaps a few birds were on board?

Blue-winged Warbler: still @ Ribeira da Ponte
Yellow-crowned Night Heron: juvenile still at Vila do Corvo
Great Shearwater: 150+ offshore

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