Sunday, 14 February 2016

Another Saturday morning of gulls

Went back to the tip in Essex with Steve on Saturday morning - best birds as follows.

Adult Caspian Gull - same individual as that seen last week and regularly at this site for several winters now.

Second-winter Caspian Gull - a nice, distinctive bird showing small white mirrors on p10.

(Presumed) Iceland Gull - the third-winter bird seen here for a few weeks running (and on several dates last winter). Opinion still seems divided on the ID but personally I can't get past it being an Iceland.

Here's a pic of it alongside Herring Gulls:

Adult Black-headed Gull with extensive blue dye staining - this was by far the worst-affected individual but several stained birds were seen on Saturday including a couple of pink Great Black-backed Gulls!

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  1. Cracking set of gull shots - the more you look at these the more you find - unless you live in Australia (as I do!) where we really only have 3 species!

    run a bird blog 'link up' on my blog and wondered if you would be at all interested in joining in - it opens weekly on Wednesdays and has about 40 or so regular participants from around the world - more always welcome.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne