Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Red Sea "Riviera"

A few shots from along the Red Sea coast in the few days we spent there; some are digi-binned hence slightly dodgy quality!

Caspian Tern, Wadi Lahami- present in small numbers offshore

Adult Brown Booby, off Wadi Lahami - seen 5th and 6th

Osprey, Wadi Lahami - common breeder in the mangroves with passage birds going through

Redshank, Wadi Lahami - up to 12 present, they don't look like 'Western' birds - long-billed, very pale on the underside

Isabelline Wheatear - small numbers present in hotel gardens at Lahami Bay and Shams Alam

Eastern Stonechat - three females and a male seen at Lahami Bay Resort - male an obvious Caspian Stonechat (prob armenicus); females more difficult but presumably armenicus too

Red-throated Pipits - perhaps the commonest migrants right along the coast, along with Yellow Wagtails and Tree Pipits

A Collared Pratincole rests by the swimming pool at Lahami Bay Resort on 6th

African Collared Dove, Wadi Gimal - two seen here on 7th

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