Thursday 16 June 2016

Finland trip

In late May I spent a hugely enjoyable six days in Finland with Rob and Dan Pointon. Happily we cleaned up on all our target birds (seven WP ticks for me plus lots of quality) without any huge difficulties - largely thanks to our guide, Harri Hölttä, and the patience of Jände Nordblad, Mika Bruun  and Kari Haataja among others when it came to our persistent requests for gen. Thanks guys.

Now that I've been through all of my images it's my intention to blog a series of photo-heavy posts in the coming days. I suspect a trip report of sorts will follow but as a quite a lot of gen for this trip is sensitive to varying extents, it might be a bit vaguer than usual. In the meantime, here's some scenery.

South of Parikkala

Woods around Joensuu

Typical Finnish scene


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