Friday 13 May 2016

Dalmatian spotted

Title of post shamelessly stolen from the Birdwatch office midweek ...

Travelling to see this Dalmatian Pelican, which has been touring Cornwall for the best part of a week now, was really one of those insurance jobs that'll likely get you nowhere in the long run - think along the lines of Chinese Pond Heron, Demoiselle Crane and indeed Great White Pelican ...

This is the second pelican I've seen in Britain following the Great White in Kent in August 2006; that bird proved to be an escape. This one is a little less clear-cut and is, on paper, as good as it's going to get over here - a bit more info on its status and history here. The problem lies with the unknown number of unringed, free-flying (or escaped) continental birds that are on the loose.

So, I doubt this beast will ever make it on to Category A, but it was quite an impressive sight to see it cruising around the skies of west Cornwall.

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