Sunday 13 October 2013

A kind of 'rest day'

The weather has been pretty rotten here today as a system (not coming from anywhere good I hasten to add) ploughs its way through the Azores - the wind got stronger as the day wore on and as such no-one (apart from Pierre and Julien) ventured away from the village. Bird of the day was a Mourning Dove that gave most a good run around the village - in fact, a small group of us with the dove already safely on our lists from previous years entertained ourselves by watching the rest of the crowd charging around in the abhorrent conditions from the shelter of the Comodoro balcony! Entertaining stuff.

In other news, the waxwing was seen again while I managed some close (but brief and generally obscured) views of the Northern Parula in tamarisks down by the airstrip. I've seen this species every year I've come here!

 Northern Parula. Very nice it was, too - as they always are.

The weather forecast is for calmer conditions tomorrow, so I'm anticipating everyone hitting the valleys once more and (hopefully) one or two new birds.

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