Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mid-June orchids

Early Marsh Orchid
Common Spotted Orchid...
... and close-up (note fly!)
Kenfig NNR is a great place to see orchids, if you're that way inclined. Following the impressive carpet of hundreds of Early Purple and Green-winged Orchids I saw here back in May, it was nice to see plenty of Common Spotted, and Southern Marsh and Early Marsh Orchids over the weekend. The reddish-purple form of the latter was particularly impressive. Pyramidal Orchids were also just starting to come out; later in the season there can be thousands of them - there certainly were last year! While in hindsight I think I also saw a few Fragrant Orchids, I wouldn't like to say for sure. In addition, there were plenty of flowers I simply couldn't identify - I never realised orchids hybridized so readily, I guess that explains things!

 Next year I'll have to get clued up before I visit.

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