Wednesday 29 June 2011

Further summery wanderings

This morning I went to the excellent Hills & Holes NNR, Barnack, primarily because it harbours several species of orchid that I have never bothered to go and see. Which is a bit embarrassing given how close the site is, and that orchids genuinely interest me. Well, it sure seems the dry spring has ruined this year's flower spectacle; usually this place is covered in flowers and grasses but this year it is most barren.

Having said that, there were plenty of Pyramidal Orchids about, although they seem very small and weak-looking this year. Here are a few photos:

I failed to locate any Fragrant, Bee or Frog Orchids - apparently a recent visitor had just one of the former, two Bees and a couple of small Frogs still in their infancy. I'll perhaps go back to look for the latter some time this week. Just about the only flower that seemed to be having any luck in the dry conditions was Common Rock-rose:

The only birds of note I've seen lately were four Curlews flying southwest along the River Glen at Katesbridge during the early evening of 27th. This Swallowtail Moth also made a brief appearance on our outdoor light as I got home a few evenings ago:

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