Monday 21 May 2012

Cream-coloured Courser

Spring is back with a bang! This must be one of the most outrageous records of the 21st century - a spring adult Cream-coloured Courser atop Bradnor Hill, in rural Herefordshire. Found late during the evening of 20th, news was broadcast at 22:45 and I was on site with Ash Howe, Dan Pointon and just eight others for 04:00. Didn't take long to find the bird preening amongst bracken on the north side of the eighth fairway, just as the light was improving at c.04:40 - pic 1 sums up initial views. I called everyone over and we watched the bird - almost continuously in view and as close as 20 metres away - for the next two hours. Will remember this one for a long time, not least for the fact that many didn't even hear about it until they woke up this morning, by which time we'd already left the site!!

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