Wednesday 21 July 2010

More Gulls 21/7

I went gulling again today - it's about the only thing worth doing at the moment. In fact, it's probably the only thing worth doing in Peterborough at any time of year. Much improved on Monday, but that was presumably due to alot more gulls being present.

At Dogsthorpe Tip, I half-heartedly scanned the dump from the KFC car park and predictably saw nothing. However, I did get amongst the flock in the field south of KFC. Amongst the predominately Lesser Black-backed Gulls was this superb 2nd-summer Caspian Gull:

In addition to this beauty, there were at least six Yellow-legged Gulls in the same field. Who knows how many more were on the tip...

juvenile michahellis - these things are stunning when this fresh.

I moved on to Tanholt Pits, where a sizeable chunk of laridae was bathing/moulting/falling apart on the new pit. Amongst them was my first juvenile Mediterranean Gull of the year, as well as a couple more Yellow-leggeds (1st-summer and juvenile). Sadly my camera battery died halfway photographing the Casp, so no more pics!

I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Are you been sponsored by KFC? with all the references on Facebook and here they must be bunging you the odd chicken leg... come clean.

  2. I'm just a big fan Alan! a BIG fan... it just helps that my favourite fast food establishment is situated next to my favourite birding location in the Peterborough area