Wednesday 17 June 2009

A Royal Dip

Today (16th June), I went to northwest Wales, or more specifically the Lleyn peninsula, with reborn twitcher Marc Read, RBA slave Will Soar, and Dave Holman of BLEA. Certainly a stunning backdrop for a stunning bird which had been present the previous evening (a Royal Tern). To cut a long story short, the bird had done one, and was not seen despite searching as far away as Cemlyn Lagoon by some.

Still, a rather nice day out - lovely weather and brilliant scenery, and we also had a few Choughs which were nice. Here's a photo of Abersoch harbour:

So, not exactly the best reintroduction to birding (I haven't been out due to Uni/festival-related commitments) but I have a feeling we are to hear more of the orange-billed beast before the summer is out! See you all at Dawlish next week.

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