Saturday, 20 April 2013

Green-winged Teal etc

Finally got out and did some London birding on an initially frosty morning that soon turned in to a glorious spring day (not warm, just mild). First up in the paddocks for Rich and I were a group of at least 15 Wheatears - 21 had been seen the evening previous:

On route back to the riverside footpath, a couple of Yellow Wags flew over and a female Redstart showed reasonably well for a minute or two before vanishing. On the Thames itself, Rich's Green-winged Teal eventually showed really well - perhaps 40m or so, wish I had a bigger lens sometimes. If you got the light right on this bird, I reckon really good shots could be possible with a bit of luck and patience.

Finished off late morning on Rich's patch at Rotherhithe, taking in Russia Dock Woodland. There were several Willow Warblers (some in flutey subsong) but no hoped-for Redstart/Pied Fly/Wood Warbler. Nice bit of scrub though - must get some good passers from time to time. Thanks to Rich for the lift as always.

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