Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cyprus Wheatear

This Cyprus Wheatear was probably the pick of grounded migrants observed at k76 during the week. These photos were taken in the heat of the day hence they're a little hazy and the light is harsh; the bird also proved incredibly difficult to get close to - even in the car! Nice bird though and the first I've seen since my dad showed me them on family holiday to Cyprus in 1996, so more or less like a lifer. Note the tail and rump pattern in the fourth shot down.


  1. When we saw this I thought it was an adult female, but I reckon its likely a 1st sum now with that moult contrast btw the adult greater coverts and the older primaries. What do you think? I guess that th extensive dark cap still makes it a female though.

  2. Yo - think you've got it spot on, female for me too and as you say the moult contrast would appear to indicate 2cy.