Friday, 17 February 2012

Peterborough Gulls 16th Feb

There were absolutely loads of gulls in Peterborough this week - the most I have seen for ages. This is presumably due to a combination of last week's cold weather and increased tipping activity. Matt Webb found an adult-type Iceland in the CEGB roost earlier in the week and I fancied my chances of relocating it either at The Dog or in the roost. Couldn't find it on the tip, but instead found a cracking second-winter! Also one of last week's adult Caspian Gulls showed up again plus a third-winter Yellow-legged. Went round to the roost; another adult Caspian there and Matt's Iceland, which looks to be a third or fourth-winter - almost adult like but bill looked a bit immature as did the wing coverts. However, I stress my views were very poor (distant).

Adult Caspian Gull at Dogsthorpe Tip - same bird as 7th February.

2nd-winter Iceland Gull at Dogsthorpe Tip.

3rd/4th-winter Iceland Gull in the roost at CEGB Reservoir.

Had an hour at the tip this afternoon (17th) following the superb Common Yellowthroat in Gwent. Thousands of gulls again, but most were flighty and kettling off in to the distance by mid-afternoon. A morning session could be excellent tomorrow, wish I wasn't working...! Two first-winter Meds this pm. Apparently the 3w Iceland roosted again at CEGB - it must be using the tip, really want to see it here!

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