Monday, 30 January 2012

YLG @ Tanholt

This adult Yellow-legged Gull was one of three at Tanholt Tip/Pits early afternoon (others 3rd-w and 1st-w). Increasing numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls are now returning to Peterborough after spending the first winter period away from the area, and it is this first influx of the species that has presumably brought the YLGs with it.

Michahellis are really rather scarce around these parts from mid-autumn through to late winter, so to see three today was pretty good.

Photos digibinned post-flushing. Despite them being shit record shots in shit light, you can see the primary pattern pretty well - I quite like digibinning for gull record shots locally; I've photographed white-winged gulls over the tips in this way previously.

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