Sunday, 10 April 2011

Purple Heron 10/4

I've been up in North Wales over the weekend visiting family; early this morning I headed west to Anglesey in order to try and connect with the adult Purple Heron frequenting a small pool in the river valley at Dwyran. It took a while to find the site but once located, the heron was easily picked up fishing on the pool. It was catching quite a few fish and, contrary to reports, seemed relatively unconcerned by my presence. A few photos below, taken with my mother's new Canon camera - my old Canon Ixus has bust. The results are pretty pleasing:

Also had a singing Sedge Warbler and a Swallow over there. I called in at Old Colwyn and Llanddulas on the way back to Hawarden, but unsurprisingly no sign of the Black Scoter - the scoter flock, and there were thousands of them, were inconceivably distant - an impossible task. There were a few Red-throated Divers and other mildly interesting blobs at extreme range.

Off to Portugal & Spain tomorrow.

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